Mixed Use Development

Project Spotlight

East 149th Street

Signature’s project on East 149th Street in the Bronx is a good example of transforming an area through Mixed Use Development.

Signature’s 149th Street Project is helping to transform the Mott Haven neighborhood in the Bronx. Signature acquired an abandoned industrial hub adjacent to the Major Deegan Expressway and is leading the area’s evolution into a new, mixed commercial and residential community. Signature took advantage of a previously completed more flexible rezoning plan to construct two new residential buildings along Gerard and Exterior Avenues which feature a mix of incomes from moderate to formerly homeless. Facing 149th Street, Signature also led the development of a new six story commercial building – the first spec commercial construction of its size in 75 years in the Bronx, which has been successfully leased to a local charter school network. The nearly 300 units of 100% affordable housing and 60,000 sq ft of commercial space have sparked new waterfront development and complementary commercial development in the surrounding area to address the changing needs of the local community and the Bronx at large.

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